It's Time To Make a Voting Plan for Local April Election

While the 2022 Midterm Election doesn’t seem that long ago, Illinois will soon have it’s next election for local offices across the county. County Clerk Pete Duncan advised voters now is the time to begin forming your voting plan for the April 4th Consolidated Election.

Consolidated elections are for local offices in Illinois. Voters will soon be electing their school board members, alderpeople, library board trustees, park district commissioners, water district members, and fire district members.

Voters should have received the County’s newly redesigned voting plan postcard or email recently. The new card has each voter’s polling place, a reminder about early voting opportunities, and an application for either a single election vote by mail ballot or to join the permanent vote by mail list. The more than 2,000 voters already on the vote by mail list did not receive a postcard or email, but will receive their ballot soon.

Duncan also reminded voters of some important dates for them to keep in mind between now and Election Day, April 4th.

  • February 23rd is the first day ballots will be mailed to voters and the first day to vote early in person at the Courthouse
  • March 7th is the last day to register to vote or change your registration and still vote at your polling place. March 8th begins grace period voting, where those needing to register or change their registration can do so and vote that day at the Courthouse
  • March 30th will be the last ballots can be mailed to a voter before Election Day
  • April 4th will be Election Day. Voters can vote in their polling place. If they have a vote by mail ballot, it will need to be postmarked or returned to the Courthouse by 7:00 p.m. in order to be counted. Illinois does not allow mail ballots to be turned in at your polling place to be counted.

Duncan stressed voters have many different options on how they can vote, so voters should begin making their plan to vote now. Anyone looking for more information on the election is encouraged to visit, email or call (217) 854-3214 ext 918.

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