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Property owners are now able to search online for their property tax information. They will be able to see an overview of their property, what the assessment is, what exemptions are currently on the bill, how much their bill is and was in past years and search if they have any delinquent taxes. Here's instructions for searching for delinquent taxes and see how much it will cost to redeem them.

Visit and click the 'Begin Search' button.

Type in your parcel number, name or address and click the 'Search Now' button.

Find the piece of property you are looking for and click the 'Select Property' button on the left of it. Once you do, the left hand side will show options and for delinquent taxes, click 'Redemption'.

This will then show if you have any delinquent taxes that need to be paid. If you do, it will say 'Unredeemed' and will show the amount of money owed to redeem and pay these taxes off under the 'Total Redemption Amount.'

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