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We know that even when we aren't open for business, you still may need our services. Thankfully, we've taken a lot of steps over the last nine years to move our services online. There is quite a lot of services you can get from our office without leaving your home. Take a look at some of the services we offer 24/7.

Macoupin County Clerk and Recorder Contact Information
Mailing Address: Macoupin County Clerk, P.O. Box 107, Carlinville, IL 62626
Phone Number: (217) 854-3214 ext 917
Email Address: recorder@macoupincountyil.gov, vitals@macoupincountyil.gov, elections@macoupincountyil.gov


 All document types except deeds requiring the purchase of real estate tax stamps can be recorded electronically through the county’s e-recording options. Please view the ‘E-RECORDING’ tab on the website for options on e-recording. Documents can also be mailed to the above address. If you are unsure about the recording fee, call (217) 854-3214 ext 917 above or email recorder@macoupincountyil.gov

 If you are in need of a copy of your deed or other recorded document, all recorded documents from 1829 to present are available online. Visit the ‘ONLINE LAND RECORDS’ tab on the website for links. 

 If you need a copy of your DD-214 military discharge, please email recorder@macoupincountyil.gov and we can mail a copy to you.


 For those applying for a marriage license, you can enter all of the information required on the online application found on the ‘APPLYING FOR A MARRIAGE LICENSE’ tab on macoupincountyclerk.com

 For those needing a copy of a birth and death certificate or marriage license, forms can be printed off of macoupincountyclerk.com and either mailed in or emailed to vitals@macoupincountyil.gov. Once received, we can mail the copy back to you. While we can not accept requests over the phone, we would be able to handle a credit card transaction over the phone should you need a copy mailed to you immediately. We also have an online certified copy request tool that will allow you to fill out the application, enter your payment information, and we can get a copy prepared and mailed to you.


For those needing to check on their voter registration status can visit www.macoupinvotes.com and use the voter look up tool. If someone needs to register to vote, they can also visit macoupinvotes.com and click the ‘REGISTER TO VOTE’ button. They can either use the Online Paperless Application linked there or print out an application and mail it the address above. Anyone with questions on the election can call the number above or email elections@macoupincountyil.gov.


 Notary commission notification letters will still be sent as we receive them from the state. Once you receive your letter, if you send back your signature on a blank sheet of paper to our office, we can mail you your commission..

 Assumed name business license applications are available on www.macoupincountyclerk.com under the ‘ASSUMED NAME BUSINESS’. Applications can be printed out and completed or you can complete the application online, though they do require a notary to sign. Once completed, they can be mailed back to the office. We will process it and send the next step paperwork to you. 


 For anyone needing to pay delinquent taxes, the online property tax search on the homepage of MacoupinCountyClerk.com allows you to see an up to date estimate of how much you owe. State law requires those to be paid by cashiers check, cash or money order so payments would still need to be mailed in. For more information, visit the 'Delinquent Taxes' page.

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