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The Macoupin County Clerk’s office accepts and stores Statements of Economic Interest filed by persons involved in government in Macoupin County (Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, 5 ILCS 420 / 4A-101).

Changes to the Statement of Economic Interest Form Questions:
In 2021, the Illinois State Legislature passed changes to the statement of economic interest and the questions on them. The county did not request or make the changes to the questions. While the Macoupin County Clerk’s office cannot provide any legal advice to filers on what information should or should not be disclosed, we have provided an informational document which includes statutory definitions found in the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act as well as a sheet from the University of Illinois on answering the new questions.

Definition Sheet of Terms in Questions

University of Illinois Informational Sheet on Answering New Questions

Examples of Persons Required to File a Statement of Economic Interest:

  1. All Macoupin County elected officials
  2. All members of Boards or Commissions unless they function only in an advisory capacity
  3. All local government personnel within Macoupin County who:

    Function as a department head and

    • have responsibility over contracts
    • have authority to approve licenses or contracts
    • are involved with arbitration
    • have authority to promulgate rules or regulations
    • have supervisory responsibility for 20 or more employees
    • holds a position that requires a school administrative certificate
For the full list of who is required to file found in the state statute, visit this link.

How to View a Statement of Economic Interests:
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For those wanting to file a paper statement, this form can be completed, printed, and returned, either in person or by the mail, to the County Clerk's office by May 1st. 

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