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Liquor licenses are issued by the Macoupin County Board for qualified businesses in the unincorporated areas of Macoupin County which file a liquor license application and the appropriate fee. Those seeking a liquor license for use inside a municipality should contact the local city or village clerk.

Regulation of liquor licensing is dictated by the Illinois Liquor Control Act and the Macoupin County Liquor Control Ordinance.

Liquor License Application
Temporary Liquor License Application

Annual Liquor Licenses are good from July 1st to June 30th. An annual meeting of the Liquor Control commission takes place in June of each year for the renewal of liquor licenses and approving any new applicants at that time. The cost of a liquor license is $600 per year except for those clubs or organizations which are considered to be semi-user, which cost will be $150 per year.

If an applicant wishes to apply during any time of the year after July 1st, they may due so and the cost will be pro rated to cover only the remaining months until June 30th. A special Liquor Control commission meeting will need to be held which the cost of the paying Commission
members must be covered by the applicant. Call the Macoupin County Clerk’s office for more information.

Temporary Liquor Licenses may be issued for special events at the cost of $5.00 per application.

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